Cardiological Hospital

Cardiological Hospital


улица 8 Марта, 78, Екатеринбург, Свердловская область, Россия, 620144

56.8193903143042 | 60.60088640216077

The Park “Green Grove” located  in Yekaterinburg, Russia  has been existing since the 18th century. It had been used by nunnery since the time of emperor  Alexander I till the revolution of 1917. Unfortunately, nowadays the territory of the park is neglected and an old idle hospital building in the center of the park that is in an emergency condition. It can’t be repaired and also can threaten park users. Therefore it was suggested to design a new hospital building that could replace an old one and activate the city park.

Aims of the project: to found a new hospital and to reorganize a territory around it thereby returning  to the park well-attended look.

The concept of form creation is based on the intersection of four directions. The composition structure resembles a sharp cardiological scheme of heartbeat.  Every direction meets a current function: residential complex (or hotel), rehabilitation, surgical wings and ward are sited there.  A central zone of the composition that is created on the intersection of the branches is represented by recreational area with illuminated atrium and conservatory on the first floor.