Milan, Italy

45.4654219 | 9.18592430000001

Other collaborators

Ivan Moiseenko

High standard hostel at affordable prices, surrounded by a high quality landscape that brings a fresh look into one old part of the city. A project that takes place in the plot  behind the Saint Sebastian temple, at just two minutes walking from the Duomo in the center of Milan, Hostel San Remo represents a design challenge and a  great opportunity for space  redevelopment.

The main idea of the project was to design  a modern building for a hostel, following the idea of “Grafting”; in which, modern architecture is inserted in the context of the historical center of the city, and a dialog between the existent historical architecture and modern one is stablished.

The underground and ground floors of the hostel create a continuity with the new landscape and the city environment, while the the rooms and different functions the hostel provide, follow a modular logic.