Space of Dialogue

Space of Dialogue


улица 8 Марта, 17, Екатеринбург, Свердловская область, Россия, 620014

56.835046902889786 | 60.60027480125427

This project takes place in a small square in the center of Yekaterinburg in Russia that is shared by the church, the theater and an office building in constructivism style. The project is aimed to adapt this space for multiple uses and needs of these buildings and is carried out in accordance with the philosophy of Japanese architect K. Kurokawa.

The main idea of the project is to achieve a dialogue among different cultures (secular and spiritual). It implies the creation of the conditions allowing people coming there for different purposes to participate in a common action, thus achieving a symbiosis. Symbiosis according to Kurokava is such a union, in which phenomenas (mutually exclusive in nature) are not only able to live together in a beneficial supplement, but also explore each other. This idea is embodied in the architectural solution as a multifunctional space. The main functions of created space become scenic, recreational and fair.

The central object of the space is a scene located below the level of the street under a shed. The elongated scene with a semicircular termination faces the theater. Spectators’ seats are placed in a form of terraces above the stage and can be exploited also as a recreational area.

The main aim of the project on the morphological level is to create an architectural object that integrates straight lines of a simple and strict architecture of the theatre and the office building with smooth and circular lines of the church. As far as the church is a dominant object an architectural structure should complement the church and surrounding buildings, but not becoming a central object. That is why the new structure doesn’t break the proportions of the church, but creates additional points of its perception. Due to the level organization of the space there is a possibility of placing a large number of people that gether together during church services.