Experimental Social Housing in Medellín – Honorable mention ARCHMEDIUM

Experimental Social Housing in Medellín – Honorable mention ARCHMEDIUM


Medellín - Antioquia, Colombia

6.230833 | -75.59055599999999

Night at The WVC


La Candelaria” neighborhood has a day time nature. According to the quality of those spaces during the night, this tends to be a huge problem. The proposal tries to balance both day and night uses incorporating new facilities and housing buildings which reactivate the district at night. As a consequence, by using a totally permeable block, you bet in a neighborhood that is active all the time, in which there is a direct relationship between housing and public space.

The volumes try to recover the shape using the method in which the Paisa culture built their bahareques. It recovers their shapes and building systems to solve the social integration problem. The solution comes with the involvement of people in their own homes construction. The traditional techniques allow to cut down the prices of the building and the auto-construction solves the occupational problem of those people.

The existence of a footbridge which goes through the small urban orchards located on the roofs clearly shows the effort to relate public spaces with housing, and it tries to inspire the sale of their own natural products by all the neighbors.

Concept model
Plan drawing

Based in the bahareque technique, the walls are conceived as two wood substructures which generate an empty panel that is filled with adobe. Theye are fixed to the building structure to create the opaque enclosure. In this case, the same substructures are located in the facades to create the sun protection of the houses.

Urban orchards on the roofs