Clarke Quay Redevelopment Project

Clarke Quay Redevelopment Project


Clarke Quay Singapore

1.2907317 | 103.84476999999992

Project area

3000 m2


$ 50000000



Alsop’s first major project in Asia, a dramatic redevelopment of the river front district of Clarke Quay in Singapore, is succeeding in drawing tourists and locals back to the historic waterfront.

Developed by Capitaland, the SGD88million (approx. £30.6million) mixed use scheme, designed to increase commercial and leisure activities, gives the riverfront area a new identity and re-positions Clarke Quay as a vibrant and attractive destination.

Crucial to the success of the project has been the architect and engineer’s ingenious manipulation of the site’s micro climate through the design of a distinctive and sophisticated shading/cooling system that provides the quayside with tremendous visual interest and environmental benefit.

Following a steady decline since its heyday servicing bustling trade on the Singapore river, and an unsuccessful conventional gentrification of the heritage site in the 1980s, Alsop was appointed in 2002 with a brief to rejuvenate the prominent three hectare diamond shaped site.

For Alsop the challenge was to provide a new lease of life not just by developing an attractive re-design of the streetscape and waterfront but also to address the perennial climate problem – and to find ways to mitigate against the Singapore ambient temperature and heavy rainfall – without resorting to the traditional scenario of creating an internal air conditioned mall.

The first phase of the waterfront revival, which was completed in March 2006, has effected a total transformation of the area’s ambience, activity and appearance through the redevelopment of three main areas: the riverfront, the streets and River Valley Road.