The Ford T was the materialization of an idea that changed the world: the assembly line. Detroit owes its history to this idea, for better or for worse.

An assembly line is a manufacturing process delegating each worker a specific function with technologically advanced machines.

After exponential growth, Detroit sank into the deepest crisis in the early 80s. The black working population channeled their frustration into music with historic labels like Motown, culminating in the creation of Techno music, the greatest influence on Western music of our time.

This is the starting point to enliven the symbol of the grandeur and fall of this city: Michigan Station.

Like a regular component, you enter this new creation factory. A large assembly line runs through the building from top to bottom, with a series of specific spaces conditioned to encourage creation in all its forms, from a common base: techno.

In its descent through each floor, you interact with the residents, encouraging and feeding creation. Here, life is simple: tons of space and a minimum core bringing together all services: eating, sleeping and toilet.

The final destination once you have experienced the techno music in all its possibilities is the old lobby, turned into the only public discotheque in the world. A large majestic space where to celebrate and exalt at the same level as other forms of art, the greatest heritage of the city.

We believe that art is the only thing that can save and will make Detroit rise again. Supporting a current movement which has its origin and its capital along with Berlin, here, is the best way to promote it.