Perforated Timber Panel for Hepburn Springs Bath House

Perforated Timber Panel for Hepburn Springs Bath House

For Atkar’s interior renovation for the Hepburn Spring Bath House, it helped this traditional style building with modern perforated timber acoustic panelling that was made to look beautiful, while also lasting a long time.

·         project Hepburn Springs Bath House, 20 Mineral Springs Road, Daylesford
·        architect Cox Architects
·        builder Nicholson Constructions
·         range Infinity___Premium Acoustic Solutions
·        product Atkar 6.0mm Au.diPanel AP250S/45 clear coated marine plywood panels.

This Victorian style building needed a major renovation to its interior, particularly as the open style of the base house was too noisy for regular spa goers. Atkar worked with Cox Architects to bring a fresher upgrade on the classic renowned building.

Focusing on bringing out its traditional nature, timber finish was required to meet those needs. The bath house wanted to bring a contemporary industrial feel to the building, with timber being a major requisite. The restricted building saw clean timber panelling to complement the older style structure with an injection of balance.

The Au.diPanel fit perfect to the project requirement offering precise efficiency during all phases. The quick and safe installation of the timber panelling helped the open structure minimise sound reverberation, being a major initial problem. The timber panels helped with functionality while appealing to patrons of the spa tremendously enjoy their time rejuvenating. The users can enjoy a warmer ambience, without any loud noises bouncing all over the walls. The atmosphere is less agitating for the users, increasing the overall retention for the business.

Not only do the timber panels look amazing, they are also sustainable over the long term. The harsh climate of the spa house with the build-up of moisture was taken in major consideration with choosing an anti-mold timber material. The timber walls are also fire retardant, further mitigating any potential disasters to the buildings.

17-19 David Lee Road
Hallam Victoria 3803

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