Lead architect

Christian Wibowo


Agnes Stephania, Zulkifli, Arthur Nerbas, Alivia Bianca Bella Diena


Belitung, Bangka Belitung Islands, Indonesia

-2.8708938 | 107.95318359999999

Land area

505.000 m2

Partial view to beach restaurant and boutique villas
Sketch concept

The Exclusive Southern Resort – Awan Mendung Beach – is a 50.5 hectare parcel of land planned to become the first 5-Star quality resort enclave in South Belitung. Its unique character is shaped by enclosed pristine beaches with gigantic granite rocks, small streams flowing between rocks, and a lush green tropical forest immediately adjacent to the beach. In order to differentiate its character from the mass-market competition in the North, the Exclusive Southern Resort is positioned to attract the high-end market and strives to set a new standard in the South of Belitung.

A Boutique Resort setting is placed in the highest-value area of the Site, setting the benchmark standard and image for the entire Site. Villatel or Private Residences stretch along the beach, providing distinct living experiences and second-home investment opportunities. The Preliminary Conceptual Master Plan covers the objectives and design ideas, development phasing, and a visual representation of the first phase, which includes the character-defining Boutique Resort and its public amenities.

Beach Villa
River Villa
Forest Villa
Conceptual Master Plan
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