Mandalika Resort

Mandalika Resort

Lead architect

Agnes Stephania


Zulkifli, Christian Wibowo, Nathassa Gunawan, Aulia Urrohmah


Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

-8.650979 | 116.32494380000003

Land area

30.000.000 m2

Resort aerial view from Southeast

Mandalika Resort is a large-scale tourism-related project of 1,175 hectares located in South Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). It is projected to become Indonesia’s new premier destination, with a vision to becoming one of Asia’s Best Destinations, alongside Bali. The amazing Aan Bay would kick-start the resort development with several projects.

The Client is committed to develop the first phase of the resort, defining the development as a place for high-end nature and sports-based tourism. Integrated 5-star premises with unparalleled facilities are planned in subsequent phases to complete phase 1. The development aims to boldly recognize Lombok’s nature, introducing the entire Mandalika Resort as an Ecological Statement. This measure is taken to emphasize the resort’s unique and excellent natural setting as a natural quality advantage in comparison to neighboring Bali. Cultural attractions would add value to the development, supported by adequate infrastructure and high-quality accommodation facilities. With such initiatives, the development can become a stand-alone destination known for outstanding natural qualities integrated with cultural enchantment, making Mandalika Resort a prominent tourism destination of high international standards.

Close aerial view towards resort residential
Eco-resort villa cluster
Five-star resort facility
Open amphitheatre at Cultural District
Land Use Plan
Conceptual Master Plan
Incorporate nature and cultural exploration

In its effort to make an Ecological Statement, activities program and design implementation will be related to integrated nature and culture development. Mandalika Resort will be a complete journey destination. Sustained elegance of culture such as architecture and performance will become memorable experiences.

The development aims to make a bold recognition of Lombok’s nature, introducing the whole Mandalika as an Ecological Statement. This measure is taken to emphasize its unique and excellent nature. In its effort to make an Ecological Statement, Phase 1 applies 3 key principles, which are to:

Preserve critical resources of the area
Conserve its natural feature, and by those – would saving
Reserve for future development