Ximang Haiphong

Ximang Haiphong

Lead architect

Christian Wibowo


Michael Koks, Farida Devi, Zulkifli & Putri Mardiah


Haiphong, Vietnam

20.797674 | 106.58197889999997

Land area

785.000 m2

Aerial view from Southeast

“Xi Mang, Hai Phong” is a pioneering development in Hai Phong, the third largest and one of fastest developing cities in Vietnam. The Client is Vietnam’s leading real estate developer who has vision to develop the land of 75 ha property that is strategically located adjacent to the city’s primary distributor roads and the 200m wide Cam River.

This riverside township is envisioned as the first high quality residential township within Hai Phong; a township that capitalizes on its strategic location, and provides a range of product offerings; including clusters of residential landed houses, commercial lots, shop houses and F&B facilities and a mixed use complex with Hai Phong’s first high rise hotel. For the more affluent future residents there will be a private marina as well.

Design Principles

The Conceptual Master Plan integrates natural features into the development, where urban living environment transforms into natural living. This is achieved by implementing a major central green spine that comprises of an Urban “Central” Park and Natural “Waterfront” Park, which become and act as signature features of the development. The Urban “Central” Park represents modern lifestyle, connecting F&B Strips and a Shopping Center which emphasizes social and public activity. The Natural “Waterfront” Park is the prominent space for residents, and provides leisure facilities such as jogging track, gathering and tai chi plazas, jetties and canoe boarding.

The residential offering of the project mainly consists of three types of landed houses suitable for current demand.  Residential units are organized in clusters to increase security, neighborhood character and to facilitate phasing. Several clubhouses and public amenities, including schools are distributed evenly throughout the site so that all residents are within walking distance from schools, tennis courts, play parks or clubhouse facilities. The central water body as well as the adjacent Cam River and its side-channel have been utilized to maximize waterfront views and increase development potential for the site.

Conceptual Master Plan
Waterfront Interface

The waterfront interface is different for each water body type. The approach is to consider the existing landscape conditions, future activity at the waterfront as well as potential security issues (for adjacent residential plots). At the Cam riverfront for example, the design preserves the unique mangrove vegetation as a natural border of the site and the landform follows gentle slope into the river. A similar principle is applied at the central Waterfront Park where the water body will be flanked by gently sloped banks with various aquatic vegetation. This also allows for fluctuations in the water level without exposing constructed embankments during periods of low water levels.

The canal side interface however is a hardscape interface application, maintaining the existing current condition. It needs to provide security boundary to houses cluster alongside the canal. The design incorporates the river setback as green buffer for 10m, with jogging track inside and plantation and fences at the tip.


Shop House and F&B strips
Resort Villa and Marina
Cluster gate entrance