A World of Brick.

A World of Brick.


51 Seel Street, Liverpool, Merseyside L1, UK

53.40251809399981 | -2.9810591156219743


12 m


36 m

# of floors


This studio project was set with only a few requirements. One of which was the building – a new TATE gallery – would be designed using only brick. The size, exhibition pieces and spaces were all flexible.

The site for the gallery is in an area where green spaces are limited. The area is also dominated by bars and clubs along with a few new gallerys and cultural spaces.


The concept for my design was to create a TATE gallery which would be open at night to exhibit architectural films. A series of ‘caves’ sit below an open sculpture garden which comes to life at night to screen films related to the sculptures.

An arcade is created on the street edge to provide a blur between the inside and outside of the gallery. This also gives 24/7 access to the sculpture garden on the roof and hosts a 24/7 viewing chamber to give visitors a ‘taste’ of what the gallery offers outside of opening times.

The entrance completes a cross-road, with the reception desk sat at the back of the entrance walkway, meaning that the staff can see right down the road which lets visitors access the gallery from the north of the city.

A cafe and library space is available to the public with vaults and arches inspired by the Cordoba Mosque to give a feeling of a large open space despite columns 4m apart.

The chambers are then accessed at the end of this walkway. Each chamber provokes a different feeling within the visitors, achieved using different light, brick colours and with the heights/floor area within the spaces.

This leads back out into the arcade space and leads the visitors up the staircase into the sculpture garden.