French Diplomatic Campus, Abuja, Nigeria

French Diplomatic Campus, Abuja, Nigeria


Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

9.066666999999999 | 7.483333000000016

physical model, overview project

The new diplomatic campus for the French Embassy, by Richard+Schoeller Architectes, in Abuja the newly established capital of Nigeria, acts both as the representative of french architecture worldwide, and as a unique opportunity to bouleverse the typical african constructions.
The site will host not only typical embassy administrative functions, but also places for the personnel and the ambassador and his family to live in, thus creating an opportunity of creating a truly unique environment in a fast growing city. A lot of attention was especially given to exterior spaces and landscaping strategies as to create a truly self-sustainable system within the site.
The architecture itself is what modernism is all about and is set to radiate as a light beacon for new constructions in the ever-growing city of Abuja. Pure forms, clear tainted finished concrete, extreme attention to details and a vivid landscape create a unique experience for the users of the new diplomatic campus.

indicative floor plans-embassy building
indicative sections-embassy building
indicative sections
construction detail drawings
construction detail drawings