Collider Activity Center

Collider Activity Center

Wall-Climbing is about being active; it’s about making progress; it’s about achieving a goal. Walltopia transferred the energy of climbing to the field of business and in less than 25 years became the leading company in this area globally. The building we are presenting here is not only a symbol of climbing, but of a successful business and active people as well.

SHAPE: The building is designed as a vast closed bridge rock which grows out of terrain and forms a world around itself. This is an isolated world for all the people. When you enter the magical world of climbing once, you stay a part of it forever. It’s the way the a whole building became literally rock for wall-climbing. Vitosha Mountain is an inspiration and an important visual wing for the project.

ENVIROMENTAL STRATEGIES: The building stands parallel to the main street. The bridge shape allow the sun to reach the park in winter and represent an efficient shading system in summer for the external climbing activities underneath. The direction of the opening of the bridge connect visually the park with Vitosha Mountain. The envelope complain glazed panels and shading systems depending on orientation.

The landscape is an important environmental mitigation element, it takes an important part in the project and represent a continuation of the building.

Open part of the plot is organized like a dynamic landscape in several different levels. All levels are connected with ramps; open area is quite isolated from the rest of the neighborhood and it becomes an independent world. This independent world by itself forms a polygon for boulder park, ropetopia, swimming pools and other open air activities.

All-around the plot there is a planned bicycle and jogging path. That is an additional border and isolation of the plot. The path is wide between 3 and 5 meters and around 400 meters long. This path gives special character to the whole open area.

The greenhouse is separated building, integrated with the landscape. Height is between 6 and 8 meters with skylight. Façade is completely in glass and during the summer the greenhouse become integrated part of the open area. The green house accommodate climbing mushroom boulders and coffee shop.

BUILDING: The building is approached from the direction of the street and when one goes through it, he lowers himself to the Level – 1, a newly central square. This is a new gathering place, a central and vibrating point of the open area which host external climbing areas, sitting and relaxing places, green areas. The square is the center of the entire distribution system to the principal accesses.

The building is comprised of two parts connected by a garage on underground levels and a rooftop bar. In the left part of the building there is a Climbing area, Boulder Hall, Funtopia and Multifunctional Hall, with all of the amenities. On the right side of the building, there is a restaurant, a fitness club, a spa center and the administration offices. All the technical rooms are located on the underground level with direct access from the garage.

Parking is envisioned as a part of an underground, two-level garage, with the total of 85 parking places.

STRUCTURE: Constructively, the building is planned to consist of 3 entities: a left, a right and a central part. The structure consist in reinforced concrete parietal walls and slabs and bearings in the middle part. The central part of the building that host the roof top bar is an independent structure with metallic reticular girders. The facade is a double skin system with fiber concrete panels with metal support structure. The glazed walls are shaded by pierced phenolic composite panels with support structure.

In this way, the whole building will look like a monolith rock.