Public Space transformations

Public Space transformations


Chacaíto, Boulevard de Sabana Grande, Caracas, Caracas Metropolitan District, Venezuela

10.490465 | -66.86864600000001


In public space countless transformations occur, this exercise looks to identify these transformations, place them on a map following a scientific method, and generate the project guidelines from the mapping.

The Place

Plaza Brion Square is a complicated place, before it was a great avenue that was closed to give way to Sabana Grande Boulevard. Today it is a square with an irregular shape, where the boulevard ends and the Ave. Francisco de Miranda begins. There are various formal and informal activities that are juxtaposed as layers, such as large flows of people, because of the existing of a bus station and the Metro.

Identification of the transformations

Informal activities were identified in the square, such as food stalls, people dancing, awnings, school fairs, concerts and meetings pallets, so divide them into two categories: temporary and permanent.


These phenomena were placed on the map, each activity was identified with an icon, and with color the areas influenced by the phenomena, and the senses stimulated with these transformations.

The Project

By having all this information about the transformation on the map, in conjunction with the formal knowledge of the place, it was decided to design a belt that holds all those spontaneous and temporary programs, and place it on the edge of the square, leaving an empty space in the center, and so these phenomena take a formal character, and get organized, the belt would be an architectural element that recognize the irregular edge of the square. This element takes place at several levels, depending on the program and hierarchy, some are located at level 0, and others in the higher levels. Finally, it would be held in one of the demolished buildings a cultural center that would go hand in hand with the belt, making itself a place full of diversity programs for public space, leaving the square to be and to circulate.