Velodrome and Olympic Swimming Pool, Berlin

Velodrome and Olympic Swimming Pool, Berlin

Lead architect

Dominique Perrault


Velodrom, Paul-Heyse-Straße, Berlin, Germany

52.530817 | 13.450184000000035


Rolf Reichert


Jean-Paul Lamoureux


Jean-Paul Lamoureux


Ove Arup & Partners


City of Berlin

This project is related to the reunification of the two Germanies and the wish of a city, Berlin, about to become the capital, to be nominated fot the Olympic Games of the year 2000. The site chosen is at the intersection of urban elements and of different networks. In order to resolve the conjunction of these two systems, the buildings which will house the velodrome and the Olympic Swimming Pool vanish from sight. The question of the form being thus resolved, done away with, the project was able to deal with other issues. The urban concept behind this project is to create a green space on a handsome scale, approximately, and at the center of this green space to implant…buildings, shall we say. In Berlin one finds a way of blending nature and architecture. And this blending of nature and architecture is a form of a work that can be developed in the city. The idea was to create an orchard. Namely, to plant apple trees. When you approach through this orchard you discover, set into the ground and sticking out at a height of about a meter, two tables… One round and the other rectangular, covered with a wire gauze, which will shimmer in the sunlight and appear to be stretches of water more than buildings.