[DUBAI] Architecture School Tower

[DUBAI] Architecture School Tower


Al Abraj Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

25.18191897636053 | 55.27306455253904


Dane Vraneš, Miljena Vučković, Dimitrije Crvenčanin

This is the tower that will become the new and cosmopolitan structure within the Dubai skyline. It strive towards future combaing technology and sustainability in a shape of endless growing structure. Our goal was to transform principles of the contemporary university (cloud application and TED conferences) on to the form of the building, its’ construction and introduce to the students new concept of teaching, learning, cooperating and working. We applied a mobile concept of work that should provide more liberty to the teams and the individuals that wish to use every open and closed space within the complex as their working station.

The contrast of black and white facade represents the natural balance of human body between the head and the body. The tower strives to the sky, and its skin is a neuron based geometry. The slim supporting structure provides the roots to the local culture and existing environment but at the me time it gives the sense of levitate building that is free from the ground and new philosophy of the future society.


Key words for the idea and design concept:
XX century > XXII century
efficiency            vs              effectiveness
traditional         vs              openness
geometry            vs              asymmetry
Cloud university + TED architecture = future Academy of Architecture

  • Open towards culture, other professions and business
  • Connecting architect with the client
  • Facade as a communication skin and informative LED screen
  • Knowledge combined with modern technology
  • Mobile workstations, dynamic workflow, shere and
  • Integrative approach, emphasizing cooperation with other professionals
  • Vertical garden as source of green area, controler of the climte inside, communication core and information canal for promotive buble