EWE Tower – Energy, Wind and Ecology Tower complex

EWE Tower – Energy, Wind and Ecology Tower complex


Ušće, Belgrade, Serbia

44.81714614957787 | 20.433983903491253

Land area

3 850 m2

Project area

3 500 m2


$ -0


300 m


75.36 m

# of floors





Sustanable architecture

The EWE Tower is a business-trade complex that was created as a result of analysis that included the wind potential of Serbia, landscape characteristics of Belgrade and shapes which are less wind resistant. Combing two natural forms, cone tower and a boomerang mall positioned against each other, created interior atrium covered in glass which is the main communication area and meeting point. The EWE Tower is energy and ecological responsible complex. The materials used for construction, maintenance and operation are local, and a part of it is recycled. The envelope surface is used in many different ways so it can give the max performance. The building is 300m tall, it has 44 floors and 4 underground levels and a GFA of 61 360 sq m.

The intelligent facade solution controls the insulation and the circulation of the air inside the building. There are 14100 sq m installed photovoltaic and solar collectors, and in the top 3 wind turbine that contributes to energy production. Gardens inside the building are an air filters and green oases used also as generator for controlled climate inside the building. The white roof of the commercial center cools down the interior. All fixtures installed, the daylight controlled lights, pumps, motors, use of non-potable water, efficient irrigation and HVAC system reduce the demand for the energy and resulting cooling loads. In total, energy demands will be reduced by 44% and water by 38% with no influence to the comfort of visitors or workers.

EWE Tower complex has innovative design that contributes to surrounding area. Quality architecture that combines natural forms and supports the environmental characteristics of the complex. The location of the project is old construction plot with ruins of never finished Museum of revolution started in late 70th of the last century.

Analyzing all available data and the original architectural plans gave the basic idea of EWE Tower. Combining several aspects: the revitalization of the area; design of urban marker and integrating green architecture and renewable resources the final result is a building carefully designed to take advantage of all potentials of the site. Every available resources of the energy, economic strength and financial model served a significant role in the project. The EWE Tower complex provides new business office space, an exhibition gallery, tourist and educational center along with retail and commercial spaces for the expanding city and a new era.

The vision of EWE Tower project is a different view and use of renewable energy resources together with architecture. In Serbia the country that is in transition, there is a potential for alternative energy resources but they are poorly understood and undeveloped. Less then 1% of energy comes from renewable resources and until today the regulations and laws are not completed. This project proved that in Belgrade a smart green tower could be built. Starting from the urban planning, across the design of the complex a business tower together with the retail annex provides savings at every level.