BPOC Basel Pavilion of Culture

BPOC Basel Pavilion of Culture

We particularly recognized in this place, the vertical and spiky towers of the Cathedral, the majestic curve of the modern theater, the sequential and continuous of the stairs, the movement and dynamism of the fountain and its equipment end up relating each other in the same space making it complex for the insertion of the pavilion.

Conceptually it is intended that the pavilion does not “overload” the place, but empowering the rest of elements that are found there. At the same time, we believe important to keep the concept of “square” as an “interlude” in a public space

The site implantation of the building responds, first to “rebuild” the corner of the block, this gives us not only an impact from the urban point of view, but a dynamic game with two speeds to which it is subject, the first one subordinated to the vehicles and the other to the pedestrians. This site implantation allows us to project from a volume a “square” of considerable size where it will be sunny, both, morning and afternoon, and for a warm-cold city as Basel that is believed as comfortable and necessary.

Formally we seek to continue this line of purity, an urban gateway and a prism below the square level related to the underground passage.

These “cylindrical” lifts seek to provide the project with vertical tension, in the same way as the towers give it to the cathedral. The flow of people with the movement and dynamism of the sculptures and water of the Tinguely fountain.

In the programmatic, besides thinking about the equipment of a cultural pavilion, we project a large area which we call (smart tourists). This is touch screen systems that guide tourists without requiring the involvement of a guide.