Runkelsteiner Villa

Runkelsteiner Villa


Bolzano, Italy

46.4982953 | 11.354758199999992

The new residential building on Via Castel Roncolo in the city of Bolzano, Italy, encloses three full-floor apartments, in order to have large private terraces as well as 360 degrees views. The villa raises on a lot surrounded by the nature and it’s been conceived as a transparent shell to enjoy the landscape around. The volume, on three levels above ground, appears as a carved solid, composed by a dynamic play of boxes, which corresponds to the different interior functions. The East, South and West enclosures are completely transparent, while the the North façade has smaller openings to achieve a certain energetic efficiency.

The design language to approach this site express weightiness and simplicity, to avoid a strong impact with the surrounding nature. The few and essential elements of the buildings are closer to a villa-pavilion concept than to an apartment building scheme. On the outer limit of the building there are some groups of vertical louvers which are strategically placed in order to secure more privacy to the most reserved interior functions. The cantilevers allow an efficient summer shadowing and at the same time let the winter sun enter the living areas. From the interiors is easy to enjoy the nature around and contemplate the seasons changing, the path of the sun during the day, the different colors and the time passing.