Photography Studio

Photography Studio


Savannah, GA, United States

32.0835407 | -81.09983419999998

The city of Savannah GA is home to many aspiring artists and art enthusiasts, partly because of the nearby Savannah College of Art and Design and also due to the inspiring environment of historic buildings, beautiful landscapes and the nearby beach.  The scope of this project was to design a studio/gallery space for a local artist with a small sleeping space. New to this studio was a focus on the physical environment as a design factor.  Specifically addressing context, environment, geophysical aspects of the site and the movement between inside and outside conditions.

I further concentrated the program specifically to a photographer.  By designing with a photographer in mind I was able to draw inspiration, for the form of the building and path of the site, from elements of cameras and photography equipment.  The design incorporates a separation between the residential part of the building and the more public studio and gallery to help separate work and leisure activities.  Located below the street level to create a semiprivate space is an interactive landscape adjacent to the gallery access.

Sub-Ground Level

Ground Level

Second Level