Nexus House of Wisdom / Thesis

Nexus House of Wisdom / Thesis

The Nexus House of Wisdom is a cultural/scientific institute that is inspired by the theory of the fabric of time and the spatial paradox of the Arabian courtyard. Its goal is to highlight and pay tribute to the Golden Age of Arabia and set a stage for a proper renaissance to take place in Dubai, U.A.E.

Thesis Project, American University in Dubai
1st Place Award Architecture Senior Showcase

Concept Text and Diagram
Site Plan
Ground Floor Plan
1st and 2nd Floor Plans
3rd and Basement Floor Plans
An Exterior view of the Museum Sector, The Regeneration Hall Exterior / Promenade

The Museum sector is situated directly at the axis of the historical site, creating a subterranean archaeological entrance.

The Museum Entrance is submerged in comparison to the Institute Entrance

The Institute Entrance, the volumes meet to create an atrium/introverted space in comparison to the extroverted features in the galleries and shared spaces between the museum and the institute

The Institute entrance is situated away from the public sectors of the House of Wisdom
The Regeneration Hall showcasing the flying pathways and the voids that overlook the workshops

The floating volumes create a sense of verticality, trapped in the fabric of time.
The voids are created to allow natural lighting to enter the workshops and give a sense of an ongoing archaeological excavation site as the visitors continue their journey from one space to the other.

The Hall of Tribute, located on the top left, overlooks the temporary gallery and the void which contains the 1st gallery located at the basement floor. A sense of verticality is intended in order to create a series of nexuses that connects once space to another, hence showing a chain reaction of ideas influencing one another