Lolita Roadside Restaurant

Lolita Roadside Restaurant

Lead architect

Víctor Navarro, María Langarita


La Almunia de Doña Godina, Zaragoza, Spain

41.4633038 | -1.3565691999999671

Complete in



Miguel de Guzmán, Luis Díaz Díaz, LNA


Mecanismo SL

Roadside restaurants are a rare species within the increasingly prestigious restaurant world. Such places superpose their condition as an infrastructure adapted to the commercial, informational and social flow of the road network on mythical scenarios taken from road movies and literature.

”Nah well, brrrr…my battery is almost dead… not many more things to say, folks… maybe, something curious that happened when, surprisingly, in a flash move, when the malicious Cándido was at the front… ” Chan Radio A-121 km. 3