Residential Building / Edificio Residencial

Residential Building / Edificio Residencial

Lead architect

Felipe Fiorentini


Magdalena Alonso & Ramiro Löfvall

Commissioned in


Project date


Land area

700 m2

Project area

1600 m2

Work team: Magdalena Alonso & Ramiro Löfvall / Equipo de Trabajo: Magdalena Alonso y Ramiro Löfvall

This project is the answer to three strong patterns. The first one, the predominant sight the whole city has towards its west: the Andes Mountains. The second, the long and narrow plot it is inserted in; and third, the rigorous regulations that rule the residential zone it belongs to. As a result, we have a linear building that takes advantage of the short height of the surrounding houses to look straight into the mountains. Its footprint forces a sequence of parallel apartments that are fully-opened towards the sight. Due to the regulations, the last two storeys reduce their area. The 4th floor hosts two bigger apartments and the 5th one contains a common space with a spacious terrace that resumes the idea of looking towards the west in linear spaces.

West View / Vista Oeste
Facade / Fachada
Site Plan / Planimetría
Base Floor Plan / Planta Baja
1st, 2nd & 3rd Floor Plan / Planta 1er, 2do y 3er Piso
4th Floor Plan / Planta 4to Piso
5th Floor Plan / Planta 5to Piso