Bioremediating Hunslet

Bioremediating Hunslet

The Leeds suburb of Hunslet has a past of heavy industry has left a landscape of contaminated brownfield sites. The bioremediation tower and laboratories facilitate the use of bacteria and plants to cleanse the sites in readiness for the city’s growth as HS2 arrives in 2032. Public and private entwine to encourage the residents to be aware and involved with the cleansing of their city.

The process of Bioremediation
Colour coded silos within the tower contain essential nutrients for the bioremediation process
Final Model
Detail Cutaway Axonometric
Looking out over Hunslet 2050
Figure Ground Plan
Hunslet 2050: Masterplan

The Masterplan for Hunslet identifies brownfield sites that will be cleansed over a phased, priority based operation. Sites nearer the city centre and HS2 station are cleansed first, allowing construction to begin in readiness for the city’s growth. Sites nearer to the edges of the city are cleansed later, and turned over to agriculture, supporting the new residents and workers of Leeds.

Transport infrastrcuture is also developed, as the rail, tram, water taxi and cycle routes encourage commuters to leave their cars at the motorway, and enter the city through innovative, more sustainable public transport.

In turn, the roads are gradually closed and turned over to agriculture, a symbol of the priorities of the city of the future.

Project Timeline