570 1st Street

570 1st Street

Lead architect

Eric Bunge, Mimi Hoang


Daniela Zimmer, Jonathan Enns Julia Chapman


570 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States

40.669604 | -73.97370699999999

Const. starts in


Complete in


Project area

464 m2


Frank Oudeman


Edward & Suzy Wilson

Other collaborators

Robert Silman Associates, Future Green Studio, Didonno Associates, A. Robeson, Nihon Project Service CO, Edson

Brownstone + Rooftop View

A substantially transformed addition and renovation to a four-story brownstone in Park Slope provides spectacular views to an intimate garden, conceived of as a series of outdoor rooms. A new stair connects the garden to the dining room via a pair of large french doors. New windows in the addition are placed at heights determined by the use behind: a desk-height window in the study below, and bench height windows in the kitchen above. A new stair leads up to a green roof with fantastic views of Manhattan. The stair rises through a copper clad bulkhead that filters Western light down into the house. Sedum and tall grasses create a wild, expansive landscape above the house, in contrast to the manicured, intimate garden below. A smaller second floor terrace overlooking the garden is enclosed by colored glass panels and illuminated by LED lights embedded in IPE decking. An earlier phase of this renovation substantially transformed an existing addition in order to provide spectacular views to an intimate garden. Window openings in the extension were aligned with window heights at the kitchen bench and study desk below to make a close connection to the rear garden.

Dusk View of Rooftop Deck
Rooftop Deck
Periscope Bulkhead
View of Periscope and City Skyline from Bottom and Top of Stairs
Library Connecting Children's Rooms
Rooftop Deck
Dusk View of Rooftop Deck
Kitchen on Parlor Floor