Double-Ex House

Double-Ex House

Lead architect

Eric Bunge, Mimi Hoang


Christopher Grabow, Seung Teak Lee, Julia Chapman, Ammr Vandal

Project area

240 m2


View at dusk of cedar clad option

From a distance, Double-Ex* House has the simple iconic profile and material quality of a barn. But as one approaches, a dominant sculptural feature becomes apparent. In a contemporary twist on a familiar type, exterior stepped voids travel diagonally up the long sides of the house, meeting in a single space at the top. This continuous zone is however still covered by a roof, as if it had been carved out from a monolithic volume. Appearing to float, the very large eave covers a unique shaded and protected multi-purpose exterior space. Cedar decks beneath it extend from the interiors of each of the house’s two levels, culminating in a covered “attic-deck” on the 3rd floor.

The interior of the house is luminous and simply laid out, with flowing spaces on the ground floor, and three bedrooms and two baths on the second. In combination with a series of large standard operable windows on the long facades, the glazed terrace doors and large fixed glass panels leading onto the semi-exterior terraced spaces provide dramatic and continuous connections with the outdoors. Clerestory glazing in the master bedroom and various other spatial conditions result in a simple house with a wide range of experiences, light conditions and moods.

While the predominant materials in both the interior and semi-exterior spaces are wood and glass, the roof and facades can be customized to accommodate local climatic and construction contexts. Two basic models, wood shingles and metal siding, are suggested in the renderings but other options can be customized directly by nARCHITECTS. For unique site or climatic conditions, nARCHITECTS can also provide mirrored versions of the house (mirrored on either axis).

In its iconic simplicity and novel connections between inside and outside, Double-Ex House is at once reassuringly familiar and exciting, general yet one of a kind. Through its various features and options, Double-Ex House is also conceived as a sustainable house that can be easily adapted to a variety of climates and locations.

* ‘ex’, as in exterior.

View of first floor
View of exterior covered space from second floor terrace
View of "Attic-Deck" (3rd floor exterior deck space)
View of metal clad option, from rear
View of entry facade, cedar clad option
View of black metal clad option, from rear
View of cedar clad option, from rear
Daigram: benefits of pitched and flat roof combined
Daigram: material options for envelope, optimized for context
First floor
Second floor
Third floor