Carrera 43B # 23-2 a 23-100, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia

6.223515677032297 | -75.56986168026924

Commissioned in


Const. starts in


Complete in


Land area

2016 m2 m2

Project area

7500 m2 m2


26 m


60.52 m

# of floors



Ismael Santana (eng), Oscar Gámez (arch)


Ismael Santana


Santana estupiñán Ltda for Comcel S.A

Other collaborators

Claudia Díaz (Bog), Carlos Díaz ( Med)


El Poblado, Medellín. Colombia.

This project is located on a well-developed area of Medellín City where other important companies have grounded their headquarters. A heterogeneous part of the city which mixes the presence of important Institutional buildings with Malls, housing towers and a wide commercial and services offer.


The building has been conceived to be the functional image of a huge Mobile phone company as well as its main headquarters for the east of the country; it hosts a large area for mobile commutation services and another generous surface for staff offices including managers, technicians, analysts and a call center among some others.

All of this functions demand a big consumption of power and that’s the reason why the design team had to coordinate with the customer and other contractors the disposition of the electrical network (and others as well) regarding the architectural design resulting with the ground floor and the basement occupied by powering facilities to ensure the building’s continuity of service. The Building  design was completely delivered in record time of 65 days thanks to a great collaborative work achieved along with other contractors and the client’s representatives.


The formal concept behind the buildings is function depending, however, despite this constraint, big volumes which were enhanced with composite aluminum panels remark the areas where no windows were necessary in order to give a good sense of proportion in comparison with the real windowed surface. This created several hierarchies which identify the areas of the building; for instance, the big rotated grey volumes evidence the existence of the transmission rooms, the glazed surfaces do the same with offices and so on with every building’s formal gesture.

The facades work under the concept of “false façade’ which avoids the external walls and windows from being directly exposed to the sunlight, that is the reason why there are translucent grids in some points where the impact of the sun was found as critical. It also helps to reduce thermal charge into the building optimizing HVAC loads which are mainly dedicated to refrigerate the transmission rooms.

The building is vertically communicated with a Staircase which develops itself around an elevator box, this last one, allows also the access for the handicapped.  The building meets all the actual regulations currently applied in the country in matters such as fire extinction, seismic resistance, ease of access and parking quota.


Customer:                                Santana Estupiñán Ltda for Claro S.A (Comcel S.A)

Location:                                 Medellín, Colombia, Antioquia

Design Team

Project Manager:                     Eng. Ismael Santana

Architectural Design

Contractor                   :           Arch. Oscar L. Gámez

Design collaborators:              Arch. Claudia Díaz (Bogotá), Carlos Díaz (Medellín).

Designed surface:                   6833.15 m2

Genre:                                     Communications. Offices.

Structural design:                    Eng. Ismael Santana

Status:                                     Built. Finished in 2013.