CCM Venecia – Bogotá- Colombia

CCM Venecia – Bogotá- Colombia


Carrera 68A # 39FBISS-2 a 39FBISS-100, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia

4.598825111828624 | -74.1372200846672

Commissioned in


Const. starts in


Complete in


Land area

4143.24 m2

Project area

6500 m2


14 m


119 m

# of floors



Constructora Landa S.A.S


Ismael Santana


Nelky Buitrago


Diego Zorro, Oscar Gamez


Ismael Santana


Comcel S.A

Other collaborators

Oscar Gámez. Diego Zorro

Architectural design made at CONSTRUCTORA LANDA S.A.S, the building, a telecommunications transmission centre, has been conceived to process and transfer a huge call  and data traffic for the mobile phone service in most of the country.

A big part of the architectural job was determined by the complexity of the electrical system as immense ducts had to be located to allow proper electrical lines distribution according to the rack and boards layout. In some way, this aspect helped to define the building’s volume, its shape and the roof endings.

The site, not being as complex as in other projects, is ruled by a very restrictive urban planning code about heights, in this case, the 6th agreement from 1990 was applied to the building’s design and it defines  the non-built area, garden surfaces, parking surfaces and distance to other land lots.

The building’s technical essence  leads the architectural development to be made at the interior of the land lot, so , there is no evidence of “life”on the main façade towards the street.

This is because of the need of a large electrical facility to install transformers and power cells which took about the whole of the  front façade, so the nice part of the building can be seen once you get into the complex. The first block is entirely technical, the second and bigger one, hosts the  transmission and communications rooms as well as offices, restrooms, a cafeteria and other facilities.

Customer: Comcel S.A (Claro)
Design: Constructora Landa Ltda
Architectural design team:
Diego F. Zorro  – Oscar L. Gámez

Design surface : 6500 m2
Genre: Telecommunications
Structural calculations and design : Santana Estupiñán Ltda

Status: Built.