Adding a featured image

Adding a featured image

What’s a featured image?

The featured image of your project is the image that will be used to generate the thumbnail that will represent that particular project in your profile page. If you find your profile page shows up blank or with empty spots even after you uploaded your projects that’s probably because you didn’t set any featured image.

Your project featured image can be any of the images you use in the content of the project or a completely different one. If you want to learn more about how to make the most of your featured images please visit our portfolio tips section, but for now let focus on how to set up our project’s featured image.

How do I add a featured image to my project?

It’s actually very simple,

1. Edit the Project you want to add or modify the featured image for.



2. When editing your project you just click on “Set featured image” link at the very top of the right sidebar.



3. Select one of your projects images or upload a new one and select it.



4. then click “set featured image”.



5. You should now see your featured image at the top of the right hand side sidebar.



6. and last but most important, save the changes to your project.