How to upload images to your project

How to upload images to your Project

1. To add an image to your project you first need to create an image block by clicking ADD BLOCK, then Image.



2. Click ADD IMAGE to open the upload interface.



3. Click SELECT FILES to browse your computer for the image files you’re a looking for. You can also simply drag the images anywhere on the upload screen to start the upload.



4. Browse your computer until you find the files you want to upload. You can select multiple files and upload them all at once. All the files you upload within a project will be available in all image fields inside that project, including the featured image field, so feel free to upload all the images you want to use and later use them in other image blocks or as your featured image.



5. Allow a few seconds for the images to upload. This might take longer depending on how many images you are trying to upload at once and the speed of your internet connection.



6. Select the image you want to use in your image block and click SELECT.



7. Your image will now show up in your image block. You can repeat the process to add a new image.