Why have one


Personaly rewarding

It’s not only personally rewarding to have a record of the work you’ve done accessible at all times, but it’s also useful to quickly share your work with friends, industry colleagues and most importantly potential employers.


Its a must for job hunting

When it comes to job hunting having a portfolio is a must. Employers will be expecting it and there is no worst thing to say than “I haven’t updated my online portfolio in a while" or even worse, “I don’t have an online portfolio set up at all.”


It’s your best presentation letter

You can spend days figuring out what to include in your CV, hours editing each sentence of your presentation letter, but what will actually make that company you want to work at pick up the phone and call is a quick look at your on-line portfolio, that will be enough to tell them if you are the person they’re looking for.

Ok I get it, but how can archcase help me?

Bring in the power of the digital era

Portfolios are not new, they've been around in paper forever. But now that we live in the digital era it’s time to take them to the next level. Update it, edit it and sort it in minutes, share it, make it available 24/7 to people you haven’t even met bringing you feedback, new contacts, job offers and much more!


It’s easier than buying on Amazon (and that is easy!)

Creating a portfolio shouldn’t be a scary process, that’s why archcase offers you the tools to create and update yours in less than it takes to fix breakfast. Forget about complex interfaces and endless lists of options. We believe in simplicity!


Portfolios are our thing!

We are all experts in something, and for us that something is portfolios. Your portfolio will never be halfway done, it will always look great, load fast and be ready to rock!