URHÜTTE – Basel Pavilion Of Culture

URHÜTTE – Basel Pavilion Of Culture


The Basel Pavilion Of Culture will be the place for information, entertainment and social interaction for the “cultural tourists”, that come to the city attracted by its artistic heritage.


The suggested area is conceived as public space, preserving all the existing trees (1 Platanus hispanica & 13 Aesculus hippocastanum).

The BPOC is placed in a higher level, in front of the Klostergasse, respecting the alignment of the neighbouring buildings (Swiss Architecture Museum, Kunsthalle Basel & Stadtkino) and finishing the definition of the block.

From this position there is a visual domain of the surroundings.

The BPOC acts as the background of the urban action, where the artworks become the main actors (“Fasnachtsbrunnen” by Jean Tinguely & “Intersection” by Richard Serra).


The BPOC is a roof that arises from understanding the urban context of Basel. It is raised up to free the ground floor and give continuity to the public space.


The Meeting and Information take place in the ground floor, connected to the outside.

It is a free plan with the minimum footprint of the two cores that make the structural support (Warderobe, Lift & WC).

A glazed enclosure, that can be completely open, creates an undefined limit between the inner and outer space.

In the first floor, the protection of the roof generates a more intimate and calm environment for the Exhibitions.

Only one window frames the view of the surroundings.


A new pedestrian connection is created underground, perpendicular to the existing “Theater Passage”.

The Auditorium, Cafe-Bar and Storage of the BPOC, are integrated in the existing Cinema and Commercial Stores and connected to the Theatre Entrance and the lower square.