Audiovisual Center “Magical” in Gardeny, Lleida

Audiovisual Center “Magical” in Gardeny, Lleida


Lleida, Spain

41.6175899 | 0.6200145999999904

Project area

7448 m2


Jordi V. Pou

Cross Section
Cross Sections
Environmental Diagram

The new audiovisual production center is located in the old barracks occupied by the Infantry Tech actual city of Lleida Gardeny Science Park area. In an area of the current configuration Gardeny Humanities Park is planned. This infrastructure begins with the creation of the MAGICAL, a resort with facilities and services for audiovisual content creation targeted various areas and market strategies.

The project rehabilitates existing buildings of the old courtyard. To complete the functions of the center, a third volume of new plant is built as a large container to house a “plate” of films set in the south corner of the square. An envelope stretched fabric covers this container and spreads like a fog that embraces and connects the three buildings, defining a concavity towards the square where access to complex occurs.

Under this fabric an open space for reception, waiting, cafeteria, etc. originates. poured onto the landscape of the plain. Public access to the set is from the loft volume control attached to the embodiment set. Textile technology poured into the building, as opposed to the massiveness of the historic buildings, let guess the great potential of this new building material.