Indoor pool in Ametlla de Mar

Indoor pool in Ametlla de Mar


Lleida, Spain

41.6175899 | 0.6200145999999904

Project area

5625 m2


Ínigo Bujedo

Floor Plan
Cross Section
Environmental Dyagram

The solar pool cover type “PCO-3″ with auxiliary gymnasiums, is located in the extreme northeastern area of the expansion of the city of Lleida,

The project, as a public facility, intended, first, to have the presence of its own, shaping and consolidating from access, the existing urban space, and secondly, on its opposite face, dialogue-both inside as from the outer-sports areas the natural space of the river; so the building itself, is seen as a transitional space between the city and the space Segre river.

The building is the result of a design contest, work and exploitation; so the effort not only prioritizes its architectural solutions tailored to the needs of the sports complex, but that explore the building performed well throughout the years. The project arises from bioclimatic parameters that reduce consumption, ensuring indoor comfort and efficiency from their facilities.

Natural light is the main objective; the project develops from the light.

All equipment are built with industrial systems, ensuring an open space and a quick and easy placement. The large pool area is covered with large plates incorporating TT from manufacturing, skylights that allow a uniform space into the light. The envelope of the south façade is composed of a double skin polycarbonate, combined with leaf openings get natural ventilation. Concrete panels painted with skylights, up the north facade.

Building facilities producing renewable energy from biomass boilers.