Scientific Technological Agroalimentary Park in Gardeny, Lleida

Scientific Technological Agroalimentary Park in Gardeny, Lleida


Lleida, Spain

41.6175899 | 0.6200145999999904

Project area

19020 m2


Jordi V. Pou

The architectural proposal consists in the rehabilitation of three H Buildings (Old Barracks of the City of Lerida) and restructure them into big Multiunit containers, building up and maintaining the idea of the six volumes existing of flexible open-plan floors and living the door open to different use changes, connected to each other. This project is the first step for the regeneration of an abandoned zone of the city of Lerida.

The first proposal is to cover the existing courtyards, with the idea of joining the three H Buildings together in order to get a single building, with the idea of modular green-lath houses removed from the industrialized farming world and generate a Thermal space that allows to, together with other bioclimatic strategies, take advantage of the Natural resources in an efficient way.

The project proposes a contemporary reflexion, even in the building ambient than in the urban one, the disjunctive between restoration and reuse for the existent building, the urban dimension of any relating space, the necessarily motivation of the building as an application field for the alternative systems born in other sectors more innovative, and at the end the integration of the agriculture in the urban life. The project is the beginning of a process of regeneration for a residual area of the city, integrating the agricultural innovation of the Lleida’s territory.