Ashdod Museum of Art

Ashdod Museum of Art


Ashdod, Israel

31.804381 | 34.655313999999976

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Manuel Herz


Ashdod Municipality

The design of the Ashdod Museum of Art accepts but challenges the notion of the White Cube as the modern ideal space for exhibiting art. A series of White Cubes were scattered and piled one on top of each other, in three levels, within an emptied out existing building interior. A new and independent structure, made of the repetition of the uniformly dimensioned rectangular rooms (White Cubes), was constructed within the existing shell. Two kinds of spaces were created: the interior of the White Cube, and the irregularly shaped ‘left over’ spaces trapped between the exterior of the White Cubes and the interior of the existing building. The visitor moves between these spaces, in and out of the White Cubes. The outcome is an ambiguous structural circuit that runs through the different parts of the exhibition. The visual, spatial, and material elements of the design create a composition that promotes chance discoveries and unexpected encounters.