Bach 4 apartment building

Bach 4 apartment building


Carrer Johann Sebastián Bach, 4, 08021 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

41.39481542537008 | 2.138637900352478

Project area

31000 m2

# of floors


This seven-storey apartment building, located in a typical residential neighborhood of Barcelona, has two distinctly different entrances, one on J.S. Bach Street and the other on M. Perez Cabrero Street, while the building’s curve façade contributes to the definition of the circular Plaza Sant Gregorio Taumaturgo. The two entrances correspond to different building programs, accommodated within one unified structure.  On M. Perez Cabrero side, the program required 21 rent-controlled apartments, while on the J.S. Bach Street side the program called for 12 luxury apartments plus a custom-designed penthouse. The variation in program is reflected in the level of detailing of the interior spaces and public areas.

Construction of the building followed traditional methods, continuing a long tradition of Catalan craftsmanship. The horizontal layering of the facades is held together visually by two side brick screen walls which allow for ventilation and lighting of the service areas of the apartments. The uppermost part of the facades was set back to create balconies with a series of chimneys and railings recalling the Catalan master architect Antonio Gaudí.  Interior stair cores were designed with Catalan brick vaults.

The ground floor contains shops, the apartment lobbies and an entrance to the underground car park. The two ground-floor apartment entrances were designed as transparent spaces to facilitate the transmission between public and private spaces, from street to apartment.
The design of this building is significant not only for its continuation of two different street facades, but also for the design of the penthouse apartment where the sets back generate an elaborate system of gardens, balconies and terraces with a swimming pool, creating in this way a secluded and private oasis in the midst of the city.