Corso I

Corso I


Prague, Czech Republic

50.0755381 | 14.43780049999998

Project area

13000 m2


Real Estate Karlin

As part of a plan of urban regeneration and new development, Corso I project in Karlin District, a former industrial area transformed in one of the dynamically developing Prague quarters, is an example of successful transformation. Currently the area has the highest concentration of new, modern office buildings in Prague.

In 2000 the team completed the restructuring project of a former industrial plant built in 1890 that served as a hall producing metal-sheet boilers. The result is a modern Class A office building that yet engages with the distinctive industrial past of the area.
Halfway between renovation and new construction, the design respects the typology of the building and its main street facade. The roof was replaced by a glass top and a red stucco arcade that follows the composition preserved on the lower part of the building. The interior is essentially an open-space plan which allows greater flexibility in planning office layouts.  The main entrance is conceived as a large atrium that links the building’s office space. The use of raised floors provides efficient and enjoyable working environment.
The building opens on both sides to an interior piazza and a pedestrian street.
The gross floor area of the new building is 13,000 sqm whereas office space over four floors is 9,150 sqm. The building offers 75 underground car park spaces and additional 150 parking spaces above ground.
Corso I was awarded the “Best of Realty 2001” in the office buildings and “Czech Building of the Year 2001”.