Karlin Hall Economia

Karlin Hall Economia


Prague, Czech Republic

50.0755381 | 14.43780049999998

Project area

6800 m2


North Line

The project involved the adaptative reuse of a 20th century boiler factory in Prague’s former industrial district to house “Economia” publishing house.

In keeping with RBTA’s context‐sensitive approach in Karlin district, the scheme enhances the uniqueness of the buildings’ industrial past.

The project preserves the existing structure and façade while enhancing the potential of the generous single space, with its long naves and huge skylights.

The 4,600 sqm design by RBTA takes advantage of the structure’s full height – 18 meters on the aisle – and includes two mezzanines overlooking the main central space to locate the meeting rooms and the administration area. The 1,800 sqm open plan floor plate provides modern flexible space for “Economia” newsroom.

With the completion of the adjacent new office building next year, “Vision Park Karlin” will further provide 5,000 sqm of quality administrative space and a conference room for 2,000.