Nexus II

Nexus II


Carrer Tinent Coronel Valenzuela, 9, Gestión Académica de la Universidad de Barcelona, UB - Campus de la Diagonal, 08034 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

41.38820718243527 | 2.11462140083313

Project area

7000 m2


Consorci de la Zona Franca

Located in Barcelona North Campus of the UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia) Nexus II is a business incubator encouraging technology transfer.
Sited on a 6,000 sqm slope, the horizontal 4-storey building provides affordable workspace to technology entrepreneurs and startups. The square ground plan is divided into four mutually independent 18 per 18 m modular units; this scheme permits greater flexibility in planning office layouts.
The transparent double-glazed façades insulates and soundproofs the interior space while allowing natural light to penetrate and maximize views over the campus. The overhanging roof provides shadows to achieve maximum energy performance by minimising the impact of the direct sunlight. A staircase rising from the first floor provides easy access to each of the storeys above. Two transversally placed light wells guarantee optimum natural lighting.

Cross section
Floor plan