W Barcelona Hotel

W Barcelona Hotel


Passeig del Mare Nostrum, Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

41.36837081494151 | 2.1899861097335815

Project area

42818 m2


(FCC) / Sacresa / Comsa

The W Barcelona Hotel stands at the new entrance to Barcelona harbour, certain to be a landmark in an ambitious urban renewal plan for Barcelona’s coastline. The form of the building is a direct response to the stunning presence of the Mediterranean.

The 26-story, slender, sail-shaped W Barcelona sits perpendicular to the dock, showcasing unprecedented sea and city views from virtually every guest room. This volume is inserted in the low-slung atrium building, which contains the lobby enjoying natural zenithal light.

Public activities are housed beneath a platform designed in the form of two huge terraces. The sizeable volume of the conference hall with its large glass frontage overlooking the sea breaks the horizontal lines of the podium.

The reflecting facade of silvered glass sparkles according to prevailing light conditions and changing viewpoints. The colour of the glass exterior skin of the building reflects the sky and the Mediterranean to blend into the landscape.

The 5-star hotel features 473 guest rooms and suites, a spa; a restaurant with unparalleled views of the Barcelona shoreline; a sleek rooftop bar and convention facilities.