Xanadú. Apartments in Calpe

Xanadú. Apartments in Calpe


Alicante, Spain

38.3459963 | -0.4906855000000405

Project area

31000 m2


Palomar SA.

This block of apartments was constructed as part of the La Manzanera development, continuing the line of investigation into the combination of cubes. The building takes the castle as its point of reference, and is evolved in such a way as to arrive at a configuration inspired by the nearby Peñon de Ifach crag. The unit of each apartment is composed of three cubes corresponding to living space, sleeping space and services. These three cubes are grouped around the vertical axis of the stair well which serves to support them. The openings in each cube reflect its orientation and function, without any a priori definition. In order not to be left with a cube as the exterior form, vernacular details and curving handrails and roofs were added.

Program: 18 apartments.

Client: palomar sa.