Environmental and urbanistic regeneration in Candelaria

Environmental and urbanistic regeneration in Candelaria


Candelaria, Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

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Two geometries arrange the area:

  • The historical print of the religious superpositions that have defined the village: from the first Cueva de los Camellos to the current Basilica dated from 1959, whose dome is constituted in a focus that irradiates towards the whole intervention, working as a symbolic headlight that appeals to the religious memory of the area. The paving geometry of the Plaza de la Patrona stresses this centrality. In this same way, the square floor lightning reminds the wax remains that left the candles on the black sand beach.
  • The restoration of the natural look of the gully that is joined to its former beach (Plaza de la Patrona) through a succession of archi- tectonic interventions that make the area functional, special and representative. In the parts of the gully already degraded by waste dump terrain local facilities are placed destined to the holding of concerts and certain dimension events that enable to clear the basilica square from many activities that competed with their urban and symbolic character. This auditorium is connected at its high part, to a viewpoint-piece that shelters a restaurant that provides the visitor a panoramic view of Villa Mariana de Candelaria and the sea. Down the gully, Anton Guanche street becomes a market space where to show the traditions and creations of our artisans. With this route the ancient caves are recovered and a sacred art museum is incorporated.