Sustainable Offices in Valencia

Sustainable Offices in Valencia


Valencia, Spain

39.4699075 | -0.3762881000000107

It is proposed, and taking as a fundamental starting point will exhaust the maximum buildable volume and to achieve maximum buildable, the entire building area is concentrated in the bottom of the plot , so that we can resolve medianerĂ­as whole problem of existing adjoining building , while we get to the office space south orientation thereby improving the conditions of natural lighting control and direct radiation and ventilation of spaces.
Thus stands across the street bioclimatic Mariano Cuber A shade structure. A four-storey space protected by a lattice, which not only serves as a large open lobby and entrance space, but also becomes the great building’s environmental regulator.

As for the proposed typology, we should emphasize that we have sought the flexibility of the space in order to offer a framework capable of hosting a wide range of needs in the tertiary sector is concerned.