Wind Burj

Wind Burj


Doha, Qatar

25.286667 | 51.53333299999997

Inspired on traditional architecture solutions from the local tradition, the design of the “Wind Burj” emerges with the objective of making the most of wind’s energy potential.In order to achieve the maximum structural thinness (a ratio of 5), the tower section gets thinner as it gets higher. It truncated cone shape optimizes the capture of wind on a 20%.In such a way, the wind is redirected toward the wind-capturer openings located on intermediate floor plans.

These wind-capturer openings contain aerodynamic louvers that introduce the air coming from the sea. This wind up-streamed by Venturi Effect also permits to collect the water naturally condensed from humid air. The wind-capturer openings are connected by a vertical arterial which permits natural ventilation and cooling in every plan floor. This strategy combined with Darrieux Air Generator Type, double-skinned energy-capturer façade and sun radiation dissipators allows a 60% energetic save of the total building consumption.
This turns the “Wind Tower” the most advanced bio-climatic skyscraper in the world.