Celler + hotel

Celler + hotel

The project is going for a linearity in order to achieve the union between the two riversides that pass through the borders of the building. Helped by the topography and always working with parallel lines the integration of the building into the ground is achieved. Only in cases where there are views or access to the campus, parallelism is blurred.


The program is divided in a hotel, an administration and reception and the celler. The last one with more surface and volume, because most of the wine elaboration progress works better underground. The goal was to create a route that went through the whole program, without having to go back, and from where all the visual relation that have been taken into account shall be perceived.



Parallel lines are used to generate retaining walls made of concrete. The last material building used is the same from the structure, with a final texture that remarks horizontal lines which is the beginning of the project.