Berlin Central Station

Berlin Central Station

Lead architect

Meinhard von Gerkan


Berlin Central Station, Europaplatz, Berlín, Alemania

52.525084 | 13.369402000000036

Commissioned in


Const. starts in


Complete in


Project area

175000 m2

The mega Berlin Train Station, Berlin Hauptbahnhof, architect Meinhard von Gerkan and Jürgen Hillmer, the STUDIO HAMBURG Gerkan, Marg & Partners, is capable of receiving more than 1,500 daily trains and 25,000 passengers. Its construction lasted ten years have meant that some conflicts between the German rail company Deutsche Bahn and the architect, in deciding to first shorten the time of execution of the work by modifying the project. It shortened the cover of the station at 100 meters and the lower floors that serve as the underground heat exchanger to be covered, causing no daylight arrived as planned in the initial project.

For architects of Hamburg Gerkan, Marg & Partners, the determinant of the architecture was developed to emphasize the importance of the new Berlin Hauptbahnhof “- Lehrter Bahnhof crossing point in an increasingly integrated Europe.

The lobby of the station is framed by two curved structures 46 feet high trying to highlight the scale of the place, the importance of the station as a crossing point between Europe and link the east and west.

Facade detail