Olympic Park Station

Olympic Park Station

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Olympic Park Station, Sydney Olympic Park, Nueva Gales del Sur, Australia

-33.84652 | 151.06913199999997

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Project area

650 m2

Gateway to the Olympic site, the Olympic Park Station handled an estimated 80 percent of the 1.2 million people attending the 2000 Olympic Games. The brief for the station called for the creation of a world-class venue that could comfortably accommodate up to 50,000 patrons safely, efficiently and comfortably during times of peak movement.

The Olympic Coordination Authority’s (OCA) public access policy had a strong impact on the design, as did the extensive environmental agenda adopted for the Games. Its architectural expression needed to be compatible with the surrounding precinct and provide a seamless integration with the public domain.

Consideration was also given to the subsequent uses of the site, when the site would revert to a modest through-put station between major events.